Intercom motorcycle Bluetooth aspects that at the time of purchase we must not neglect !

In the choice of the bluetooth intercom for motorcycles we should not neglect the cost of spare parts and accessories available for the model selected.

For fifteen years we have been selling equipment intercom to the bike but.. we sell many more parts and accessories, so much so that sometimes we find it hard to find the product to sell.

An average user buys within two years, at least 2 accessories or spare parts for the product that has previously purchased, change the helmet, add the helmet, lose the battery charge, buy earphones more efficient, it loses the control unit, Bluetooth, etc

In summary, there is an aspect that must be taken into account.

Products the most popular are the Audio Kit, USB Cables, mounting systems, sponge microphone.

In some cases the high price is not related to the quality of the product, but at the price of a complete package with intercom for motorcycles. Intercom 500 euro the audio kit can't cost less than 70 euros ... then If we consider that, with 70 euros we can buy a intercom complete this raises some doubt. There are manufacturers that offer a fair price, comparable to 1/5 of the price of a complete kit, other that increase this ratio.

We also speak of the availability of the product: you are travelling breaks down in a microphone, and I am in trouble, (it is true that we serve the whole of Europe with DHL with delivery in 24H), but sometimes there is no possibility to wait or to stop for 24 hours, you risk to ruin the holiday.

Another problem inherent in the availability of products tied to the Brand already of the four brands of cliftonville, we have the problem of finding the parts locally, let alone for those oriental products, of which there is assistance and spare parts.

And on the basis of these considerations, the equipment of the intercom ( all in one ) are advised against.